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Private Island Maraton, FL

Thanks for letting my girls use the house. Peace & Love.

Jimmy Buffet

Our husbands were shocked that we never left the island to go shopping, or anything else.

Evelyn McFadden

Fishing was the best but being with family on Seabird Key was priceless!

Walker Hobson

One of my favorite private getaways in the world.

Deborah Davidson

We think it is great, my sister caught a shark that was a foot and a half long! We saw a manatee by the place where you get a ride to the island.

Hallie Boo Matson

For one week, we felt like we were part of a postcard. Seabird is the most beautiful place we’ve ever been.

Scott & Jennifer Ross

This week was beautiful and everything was meant to be. We were married on Seabird October 16, 2005 and have come back for our anniversary since.

Jason & Tosha Seibold

Help, we’re stranded in paradise!

Richard Coen

I truly enjoyed the relaxed pace of Seabird Key living. It allowed me the time to appreciate the beauty of the Florida Key's sunset.

Jenny Diamond