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Eco Friendly

Savor Eco Friendly living

Seabird Key is an Eco Friendly property. We are dedicated to complete sustainability with little or no impact to the surrounding environment. Guests will relish our beautiful accommodations and most mainland creature comforts. You will benefit from one of the most sophisticated solar energy systems in the Keys.

The Island Home includes solar powered panels on the rooftop and walkway lights. Outside areas are powered with solar panels which store energy in batteries. A generator waits on stand-by for emergency use, but is rarely needed. Guests enjoy hot water because the solar panels provide more than adequate hot water for in door and out door showers.

Harvest natural rain water

Seabird Key’s water is supplied by an 18,000 gallon cistern built for rainwater collection. The Eco Friendly cistern reflects an old Caribbean sugar mill construction, which includes a native coral rock face. Guests can recycle, not just plastic but also glass. In addition, Seabird reroutes the waste water from showers to irrigate the gardens.

Seabird’s management also harvests the seaweed from the beach to recycle and enrich the soil. We are proud to say, Seabird uses Eco Efficient technology whenever possible. Most guests never want to leave the Island. But if you are looking for further exploration, within minutes you’ll find nearby underwater preserves, parks and wildlife refuges.

Experience the Florida Keys wildlife

Guests will find a narrow opening in the mangrove forest. Above all, if you have children, they will love snaking through the twisted branches to discover the unspoiled wilderness on the Island. Amazingly, the delicate ecosystem on Seabird Key ranges from tidal lagoons, salt flats, mangroves and sea grass beds. All of the above play a vital role in the survival of the areas coral reefs. You’ll want to stop your kayak and get very quiet to watch the herons and egrets snacking.


Relish Seabird Key’s sanctuary

For those discriminating few who are looking for an authentic Eco Travel experience, this private island retreat delivers! Seabird is a sanctuary for nesting pelicans, herons, ibises, cormorants, ospreys, and other avian species. Pack your binoculars, but you won’t really need them because its very easy to get up close and personal with the wildlife on Seabird. A narrow winding, wooden boardwalk takes you to the perfect observation point in the depth of the mangroves.